This is Little Savage’s Campaign Statement

In 2012 I wrote:   Obysmal versus Mittwit?    You call that a choice?  I call it the race to the bottom.  In 2016, I suspected the Trumpster would beat hated-Hillary.  And now in the upcoming 2020 election, hundreds are throwing in their hats for the Democratic nomination.   Is choice one hundred thirty-seven different varieties of cereals in the cereal aisle?….Why do we always have to choose between “conscience” and “strategy”? the lesser of two lessers?   Convenience versus destroying the planet???…Is this about which of these guys or dolls you hate the least? If you’re feeling this, you’re not alone.  Perhaps the ballot should simply read:
“Anyone But _____ “(fill in the blank).”


If God had wanted us to vote, he would have given us candidates!” attributed to Jay Leno, subject of a  book by Jim Hightower Remember the good ole days when Bush bashing became somewhat of a sport? At the very least we can hope that the next POTUS will have some comic potential. And that would be me.

I am a Little Savage Native.

Long before the current system run by psychotic alienators who have been practicing genocide on the 99% for centuries, there was an inter-tribal government of the 12 Iroqois nations in America.

Little known factoid: The US government was modeled in part on these Iroquois councils.


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