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How do “Archies” Work?
A Brief Overview of a few well known “Archies”.

Higher-Archy – Top Down Power structure, ultimately serves goal of top. Every node is connected through a series of nodes leading to the top. It could look like a pyramid. The top is the ultimate authority, but the bottom is largely given the illusion of privilege, permission and input through appropriate channels. Republics are a form of higher-archical governance. Often favored by global elite, corporatists, rich white men who like to control top down.

Mon-Archy. One Dude or Dudette at the top rules as The Supreme Monarch – benevolent or not. Next best thing to being God or the Pope. This includes dictatorships, Kings & Queens. No need to apply unless your parents are currently King, Queen or Monarch, you have access to High Places for an appointment or can fake elections.

Olig-Archy. Really about Oil, Money and Power. A power structure where power resides in the hands of a few people – such as global elite, corporatists, rich white men. Generally tyrannical, with little regard for the “Little” people. If you aren’t in the .001 percent, you’re probably not an aspiring Oligarch.

Heter-Archy. Sidesways Power structure, sharing common goal. Every node can be connected to surrounding nodes without going through some other node to get to the top, with distributed privilege and decision making. This is more akin to democracy, neural networks. Wikipedia is a partial heter-archy. Favored by The People everywhere.

An-Archy. It’s all about individual Power. No over-arching laws to define behavior of every individual node, totally distributed decision making. As many ideas as to its definition as there are anarchists. Favored by radicals everywhere.  It works really well in circles of one or less.

Lower-Archy The good hearted bottom dwellers, aka the “Meek” who shall inherit. However, as long as fear is allowed to dominate any structural model, there will be a Lower Archy.

Evil -Archy. Our current power structure. Corrupt combination of Olig-Archy, Higher-Archy, Mon-Archy, serves the interests of non-human race of psychopathic morons, driven by lizard brained ideas.


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