I’ve got issues!

I’ve got issues with my issues!

I just wanna be “PRESIDENT OF MY OWN LIFE”! Isn’t that what everyone wants? Just want a bit of personal sovereignty.  I don’t believe in fundamentalism and “Right-ism” (I’m right, you’re wrong).  But it looks like the two main dudes today are trying to out-Right each other.  I really want to believe in Real Change, but I see too much Loose Change being ignored. Drones, weaponizing space, maximum security surveillance society, attacks on free speech, TSA (Tough Shit America) Homeland Security, militarization, carbon tax  credits, I-do-I do-I-do believe in Hope. I do I do. Really, I do.

I’ve got a lot of other issues. I’ve got issues with drivers who run red lights,  Pravda style media, corporations and people trashing the planet, the election Red Team-Blue Team charade, illegal wars, lack of meaningful jobs, excessive taxes on the middle and working class, financial terrorism, lack of affordable health care, corporations claiming to be people, pissy foreign and domestic relatives, apathy, the war on drugs, poison in our food and atmosphere, the weather, parking,  bikes without lights at night, loss of civil liberties, loss of free speech, food freedom, lack of education, my mother, God, and the economy, being called the “little people” (by Ann Romney) or the “useless feeders” (by Henry Kissinger).I don’t seem to recall the Constitution beginning “We the Little People and Useless Feeders. . . in order to form a more perfect union do kowtow to the multi-national corporations of the military industrial infotainment complex.  Oh pity the poor rich!    . . . . you name it, I’ve got an issue.

What about the Economy? Have you seen it? lately? EVER? It’s Invisible. Like those invisible snakes and monsters under your bed.

Most invisible things that matter don’t put food on the table either.
For example, Music is invisible — except to those who suffer from synesthesia.

Some invisible things like germs, bedbugs and molecules can be seen but usually not with our naked eyes, unless you’re taking chantix or have an electron microscope.

Atoms and other fine particles? INVISIBLE. I’ve got issues with them too.

I’ve got big issues with money. It’s mostly made up of bits and bytes created out of thin air by Banksters who keep it invisible from most of us.

I’ve got issues with US and THEM, because THEY are invisible, and we are supposed to be indivisible, but we’re mostly invisible to them, because THEY don’t care, do THEY?

Intelligence is invisible, but we think we can measure it. Facts on the other hand are generally visible, but treated as invisible. I’ve got issues with that. I’ve got issues with opinions and ideas; they are generally invisible until someone acts upon them. Lucky for THEM, few people really act. And that’s how we stay INVISIBLE!

Yuppers. I’ve got issues with my ISSUES!!!


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