What’s happened to My Party?

28 Feb


what-happened-to-my-party-Whether you’re Republican or Democrat, you might be wondering what happened to your party.  The party isn’t even fun anymore.  The safety protocols on this crazy holodeck simulation of a Presidential RACE is more like WWE Smackdown than the bid for the highest office in the USA.


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Me for President! by Little Savage™

17 Oct

A Cartoon to Trust Who says I can’t be President! The last several POTUS’s have been cartoon characters, clowns or cariactures of themselves. Do I really have to do this again??!!!

Way back in 2012 I wrote:  Aren’t we lucky Mr. Governator from California doesn’t qualify! And, if one goes into the wayback machine, Ronald MacDonald Reagan right now looks really sane compared to the current batch. We’ve got Mr. Smooth “You give HOPE a bad name”. Who can beat that? The Stepford Candidate and his Missus? It’s a cartoon race. As always. Charade. Blue Team versus Red Team. Root for your color, but it’s really just another fall sport.Only the build up to the finals takes four years. Another problem with the political landscape today is that the safety protocols for the Holodeck in Toon Town are not engaged. Real things happen when these cartoons win — like wars, loss of freedom, drone attacks, torture, bailouts for banksters. depressions. As long as we THE PEOPLE keep rooting for the lessers of two evils, and keep believing in the EVIL-ARCHY, no real Change will happen. Hope we can figure this one out before it’s too late. Why doesn’t  the Federation just send a starship and break that “Prime Directive” non-intervention protocols and help us out here!?